Fair trade

Kajsiab is a non-profit socially minded Lao-Hmong Company dedicated to empower the mountain people of Laos. Bedrijfsprofies Kajsiab Initiative seeks to improve the lives of the Lao people in Bokeo provence through partnerships and exchange activities between the local people and the volunteers.

Kajsiab is situated in the Northern Laos, Bokeo provence. Kajsiab has a restaurant and homestay where mountain people do traineeships and exchange knowledge and work with volunteers.
Also the Company has a Woman Empowerment Shop where women from the villages can sell their locally produced goods.

All profits go to the empowerment projects. We thank PUBLI-TEE,bvba for their help and support to sell local produced goods produced by the women of Northern Laos.

Foundation Kajsiab Netherlands
Registered in Sint Jansteen, the Netherlands
Registration number: H504544630000

Mrs. Lara Picavet. And Mr. Nzoua Vue.